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  • Jewish blends aplenty

    Lately I have been very busy working on finishing a collection of dictionary entries for a booklet of interdenominational Jewish blend words. These are blends like conformodox, conservadox, conservaform, flexidoxy, jagnostic, jatheist, reconformodox, reconservadox, reformative, reformodox, and reservadox. Some Jews self-identify using these words if their personal practice of Judaism happens to draw upon two or more streams […]

  • What is the Mixed Blessings Dictionary?

    The book Mixed Blessings is a dictionary of blended religion words such as bapticostal, bujew, presbylutheran, sushi, etc., that is being published in thematic booklets (also called “fascicles”) available for sale in the website bookstore. Whether you want a preview of the forthcoming Mixed Blessings dictionary, or whether you just want a specific booklet of entries on a common theme, I hope […]

  • Welcome back to the Mixed Blessings Dictionary project

    I shelved the project during Covid, since we all had bigger things on our minds. But now I’m picking up the pieces and continuing to research and publish materials about exciting “blended denomination” terms like bapticostal, bujew, buddhapalian, conservadox, episcoluthern, episcopagan, fundagelical, jewnitarian, methobapterian, metheran, pentevangelical, prescopalian, quanglican, and sushi. You can reach me at […]

  • how writing a dictionary can prompt you to contact strangers

    It’s been a busy week as usual at Mixed Blessings headquarters! A typical week for me involves lots of searching for the best quotations to show in the entries and writing definitions for entries that have already had their quotations collected. When it comes down to it, these two processes are at the heart of dictionary-making: gathering […]