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Mixed Blessings is a dictionary project to document more than a thousand “blend” words that people have coined by combining the names of two or more denominations, churches, or spiritual traditions.

A handful of these intriguing hybrid words are:

bapticostal (Baptist + Pentecostal)
buddhapalian (Buddhist + Episcopalian)
bujew (Buddhist + Jew)
conservadox (Conservative Judaism + Orthodox Judaism)
episcolutheran (Episcopalian + Lutheran)
episcopagan (Episcopalian + Pagan)
fundagelical (fundamentalist + evangelical)
jewitch (Jew + Witch)
jewnitarian (Jew + Unitarian)
jubu (Jew + Buddhist)
metheran (Methodist + Lutheran)
methobapterian (Methodist + Baptist + Presbyterian)
pentevangelical (Pentecostal + evangelical)
prescopalian (Presbyterian + Episcopalian)
quagan (Quaker + Pagan)
quanglican (Quaker + Anglican)
sushi (Sunni + Shi‘ite)

The goal of the project is to publish a printed dictionary of the more than a thousand terms that have been discovered and researched. The entries feature meticulous definitions, thoughtfully delineated subsenses, useful illustrative examples, and real quotations from books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and websites that show how people have actually been using these terms. The dictionary will be printed next year (in 2020) and will be a quality hardback book 8″ x 10″ inches in size and approximately 700 pages in length.

And as for the person behind the project, I’m Tim Stewart and I’ve been working in lexicography for the past decade. If you have any questions about Mixed Blessings, suggestions for a term to include in the dictionary, or just want to say hello, see my contact information.